Hershey Saved My Wedding Day

What would I do without my loyal and intelligent partner? She is
everything I need in a female. Her eyes are mesmerizing, her hair is soft,
her mind is locked in on my every move. She is always by my side no matter
what I am doing. When I come home in the evenings she is ecstatic about my
arrival. She watches whatever I want to on the television and never takes
the remote. When it is bedtime she anxiously follows me into the room and
stays on her side of the bed. Doesn’t that sound great guys! I wish it
was a woman, but it is my chocolate lab. I don’t know what I would do
without her! Today I will find out how well we can let another group blend
together with our family. I am getting married and my fiance’ has two
Siamese cats. They get along with my Hershey, but it will never be the
same again.

My lab saved my life once again this morning. The bachelor party ran a
little long last night and my phone was dead so I didn’t hear the alarm.
She invariably made sure I got up right on time. I don’t know how she
knows, but she does. Then before I headed out the door in a mad panic I
ran back to give her a final pat. She was sitting beside the box of
wedding favors I promised to take to the church. That was my only
responsibility for the day, and I almost forgot it! I may lose my wife,
but I can’t live without my dog!

Picking Favors Quickly

This has been a difficult year for my fiance. I have tried to support him the best way I could but he has had it tough. He goes to school full time and has a full time job. He is an only child as well which makes him feel very responsible for his parents well being. I love that the most about him. When he found out his dad was not going to live much longer it devastated him. He cried for only a short period and then his responsible side took over. He step in to make certain his mom and dad had all that they needed. He made certain they were entertained up to the last second. The three of us were so proud if him. Right after his dad’s funeral he asked me to move our wedding plans up six months. He wanted to marry right away. I did not even have our wedding favors chosen and yet I had just a couple of weeks to pull together our wedding. I was up for the challenge for certain.

Telemarketing Could Move Him To The Fast Lane

Why would you not take advantage of b2b telemarketing services that can increase your productivity and lessen your load in a relatively short period of time? That is their promise from everything I have read. How many times have I been at work and received a call from b2b initiating a conversation for a quick note on an upcoming candidate in the election? Most of the time I take a few moments to listen to their spill. I can certainly say that a personal phone call seems more heartfelt and a better way to reach out than passing out pamphlets outside the local discount mart.

I hope my employer takes advantage of my research and considers moving further with telemarketing services for his upcoming election. He is an amazing man and can help our state move forward in the right direction. That being said, if the word doesn’t get out, he is just another name on the ticket. I know how expensive his efforts have been with his campaign so far and this seems to be the most lucrative suggestion in my eyes. I hope he moves forward with my suggestion. Who knows, maybe it will be a feather in my cap and an upcoming raise for the future.

Egg Favors

Once we decided to marry on our newly purchased farm everything began to fall into place. We knew we had made the right decision because of the flow of our new plans. We would give fresh eggs in small baskets lined with red and white plaid cloth as our wedding favors. We had rows of picnic tables for our guests to enjoy for our reception. We planned a barbeque for our dinner. My dad can grill the most delicious barbeques. It is going to be the most beautiful event ever and we are all so excited about it. My fiance is living at the farm right now to care for our animals. I am living with my parents to save money. When I returned to our farm one afternoon to check on our wedding plans I was met by a huge dog with a giant ribbon around his neck. My fiance came running out of the house grinning from ear to ear. This was a wedding present from he and his dad! It was our very own farm dog. My fiance said we already have a family and we are not even married yet! I love everything about him and never more than that moment.

Beach Invitations

I have been shopping everywhere for decorations for our beach themed wedding. I was so surprised at all of the items we could find. This is going to be a beautiful wedding. I want it to feel like we are at the beach. I want everyone to feel as though there is a beach just outside of the church. This entire wedding plan is a surprise for my fiance. He wanted a beach wedding so bad. He was so sweet in giving me the wedding that I wanted in our hometown so I wanted to do this for him. He has no idea. We have all kept it a secret. Even the wedding invitations are beach themed. When he asked to see a sample of our invites I showed him a plain one that had no theme. He told me he was surprised at my simple choice but he liked that. He had no idea then and he still does not! He is such a nice guy anything I like he tries to go along with it. He knows this day is very important to me so he wants to make it perfect for me. Little does he know my intent is making it perfect for him! This is going to be the biggest surprise in the world for him. I can not wait to see his face. All I have to do is keep everyone quiet for just two more days. Then the surprise is happening for him. He went in to get his tux fitted. When he left the tailors the tailor called us and said he will alter his lighter weight suit for the wedding without him knowing it. He just needed to get the measurements. This is going to be crazy. He will wear his shorts and flip flops to the church to get dressed. Once he sees the wedding plans he may decide to wear them instead! We have both done nice things for each other through the years but this is by far my favorite.

Two Sided Favors

This plan is so perfect I am almost embarrassed to admit it. You know how sometimes when something is too good to be true so you don’t want to say your secret to anybody just in case it puts a jinx on it. Well, my intelligence has outdone itself this time. My fiancé has always loved Valentine’s day. I think it is a stupid reason for a man to have to spend more money on a women. It had to be thought up by a female. What self respecting man would make up such a stupid thing?

My great idea was to have our wedding on Valentine’s day. That way I can double up our anniversary presents and Valentine’s day presents all in one. She loves chocolate, so there you have it. I come out for fifty percent less the way I figure it. Another great thing is we can just pass out chocolate for our wedding favors. We can have a chocolate fountain with those dippin’ strawberries at the reception and everybody is happy. Plus it gives me one extra day I don’t have to spend at home so I can get some extra huntin’ in!

Personalized Happiness

Marci and I had been friends for a long time. When she told me Steve had proposed I was so happy for her. Danny and I married last year which made me anxious for her and Steve to tie the knot. There is nothing as wonderful as married life. I love waking up to the same person every day. He knows everything about me and still he does not see my faults. I know she is going to have the same relationship that we do when she marries Steve. He is a great guy. He loves to be a part of everything that interest Marci. He was so excited when they went to pick out their personalized napkins. They actually made a day of it. They chose the napkins and the table wear and then went on a hike. When they came home they were smiling from ear to ear. We live next door so we saw them arrive. We asked what they had been up to and all they could do was smile and hold each others hands.

I Can See The Wedding

I have had a vision of what my wedding would look like my whole life. I knew I would have a knight in white armor come and take me to a beautiful home in the country after we honeymooned on a beach filled with white sands as far as the eye could see. As I have grown up I have made adjustments to my dream so it is more feasible but still there is a white knight! My fiance fills that role perfectly. He is always wanting to help me to make life easier for me. He says I make things far more complicated then need be. I realize I can complicate things but some things are simply complicated. I knew what I wanted for wedding favors so I bought them. Then I have to address how to present them. He feels the guests will not notice the packaging as much as I think they will. I feel the packaging should be associated with our wedding theme. He feels that is way too complicated and does not require so much detail. I appreciate how he sometimes brings my head out of the clouds as I drift way too far into things but this time I feel I am right. I think we need to bring my mom into this to settle it. He feels like that is one more complication we do not need. I suppose he is right in some ways but I am in others. My mom will set this right as she always has throughout my life.

Gifted Napkins

When we announced we were getting married we sent invitations to all of our friends and family. Even those that lived abroad. Because my family is Scottish we had a lot of invites going out that were more of an announcement than what we expected to be an actual invitation. However we were shocked to see many of my family members coming across the ocean for our wedding. My aunt could not make it so she sent us the most awesome gift. We had ordinary napkins chosen for our wedding tables. She sent us custom personalized napkins that knocked our socks off. They were green, black and white plaid. Our names were embroidered on them in gold threads. She sent some small ones as well as some that were larger that made great hand towels for the restrooms. My fiance actually cried when we opened the box. What an amazing gift that was for us. It was so thoughtful and it touched our hearts. We sat down instantly to write a thank you card to her. Once the wedding was underway we had so many of our guests tell us how beautiful the napkins were. When we returned from our honeymoon we sent one more thank you note just letting my aunt know how much that meant to us and how much we appreciated it. We also put in the note how taken every one was with the napkins! I know she was happy.

Napkins And Memories

The day of the wedding we were still hoping my sisters would both show up. My daughter and her fiance had decided to have their wedding in a grave yard which did not go over big with my family. There are only my two sisters and I left from my side of the family so when one of them does not show up it will be ever obvious. I hoped that would not happen for Andrea’s but I suspected it would. Everything was in place. The personalized napkins were on the reception tables and the flowers were all set up perfectly. Just as I had thought may happen did happen. My one sister came and brought all of her children. Andrea and I were so glad to see them. It meant a lot to us. The other sister did not come or communicate with us at all. It left Andrea heart broken but we could not focus on that. It was a beautiful wedding. It was short if I had a complaint but it was very enjoyable. I was so proud of my daughter. She sticks to what she believes and hopes everyone will understand. I find it sad that love did not bring my other sister to her wedding. It was not us that lost out on that one. It is sad to see such judgement within our own family but it does happen every day. Perhaps one day people will actually have a dialogue with someone about their concerns before they judge.